social circus in conflict zones

Social Circus pedagogy and its necessity in conflict zones is beyond providing entertainment and education. Social Circus by its nature represents and rebuilds all the values, believes, trusts and sprits which are damaged by conflicts and brings hope and a strong reference to peace.

The following is a list of some specifications and qualities of the Social Circus as well as typical conditions of a conflict zones that justifies why Social Circus is such an ideal tool specifically for children and youth of war.

Some of these techniques are already used to address various childhood traumas in many parts of the world. Circus Effect takes these techniques a few steps further and modify them to match the needs of children and youth of war.

Use of the body as the ultimate source to trust when nothing else can be relied on by children affected by conflicts.

Bringing joy as everything is so dull and sad and negative in the surroundings of the children and youth of war.

Learning skills and being able to perform almost anywhere and anytime without being limited and dependent on infrastructures and logistics that are not available because of war.

Reminding all the direct and indirect audiences (from the youngest children to elders and community leaders) of the value of artistic, cultural, and entertaining aspects of life so that trauma, sadness and misery does not dominate.

Delivering educational messages such as landmine awareness, health education, peace education etc. These messages are more effectively delivered to children by Educational Performances than by any other conventional methods.

Trauma therapies and giving tools to children to get in touch with the past and find their own individual ways of solving their problems. This is basically giving a voice to the children to both understand themselves and express their thoughts and emotions.

Increasing the social skills of children as there are often not many other training alternatives for them. These social skills are fundamental life skills for them as a mean of standing up for their rights, as well as protecting and promoting themselves as individuals and an essential part of their communities.

Organizing and harmonizing as conflicts in general disintegrates and pushes societies towards separation and division. From coordinating 3 balls to be juggled by two hands to perfecting (through coordinating numerous actors across different genders, ethnic, regional and religious backgrounds) a one hour performance, to running mega workshops in national festivals. This is all about healing the wounds of war on the nation and repairing the fractured sense of humanity and creating a collective peaceful identity.

Most Social Circus methods are child-to-child based which is perfect in the warzone where “expert” or educated and trained resources are very limited.

Social Circus activities are extreemly contagious and have a very high “multiplicability”. The activities with our multiplication system can easily cover enormous number of children and youth of war in a very effective decentralized and cost-efficient way.