Mobile Mini Circus for Children

MMCC is a leading international social circus organization working for and with vulnerable children and youth in challenged societies. With social circus, we improve social skills and facilitate a sense of belonging to the society. We inspire children and youth to discover their potential and take the lead in creating lasting cheerful societies. Local ownership and participation are two key elements of our pedagogy.
We provide tools and methods, to create and facilitate opportunities for children and youth in developing social skills, a healthy identity, a sense of belonging to the society and in fulfilling their potential. We introduce, advocate for and promote environments and cultures that enable children and youth to grow to their full potential. We engage, share and collaborate with national and international communities and organizations, to expand, improve and enrich the methods of social circus pedagogy
and its use around the world.

MMCC takes children and youth seriously.

Therefore, our pedagogy relies on working with children for children. In our activities, we assume the role of facilitator, not teacher, trainer or lecturer. Our
approach is participatory, where children take the lead and direct us to what is necessary for children. In this way we facilitate the discovery of potential and the development of social skills which create a sense of social belonging.

We have already touched the lives of more than 3,8 million children in Afghanistan since 2002 and conducted workshops and made performances in different countries.