social circus in Iraq

Social circus in the smallest circus tent in the World.

Sirkhane & Circus Heroes

Sirkhane Iraq is a magical fruit of Circus Hero training program. One of the inspired youth who participaded in the program, took initiative to start circus activities in a refugee camp in Iraq. 

Sirkhane Iraq works in 2 refugee camps with program: Training of Young Trainers. It includes development of circus and pedagogical skills. Each student trains to be able to teach and spread social circus to many other children.

Each student (Circus Hero) trains basic social circus skills as well as class managemet skills to be able to teach circus to other children. With new competences circus heroes can improve lives of war affected youth and children. Sirkhane tent is equipped with tatami mats, balls, clubs, diablos, many pairs of stilts, monocycle, and costumes that are very efficient tools to give Iraqi children a dlightful experience.