The social circus pedagogy and creative use of physical arts has been around for sometimes and has manifested itself by different names and in different contexts and forms such as education, culture, therapy and entertainment. Since late 90s this dynamic approach of art-based education became a growing movement and many around the world started to practice it.

There are very few Social Circus organizations whose primary beneficiaries are children and youth of war. We from Afghanistan, Turkey and Denmark started to getting to know learn from each other and realized that we can do much more if we join our forces and together expand our activities. With our first meeting in Mardin (Turkey) we started developing the Circus Effect project together with more partners and support of EU.

Our Circus Effect project members who have different backgrounds and capacities and in different ways contribute to the project are as follow:

AECC : Afghan Educational Children Circus, from Afghanistan

ARTEYE : Media development organization, from Poland

HYSD : Her Yerde Sanat Dernegi, from Turkey

MMCC : Mobile Mini Circus for Children, International based in Denmark

Nomadway : Social organization from France

Die Stelzer : Art and social organization from Germany

Goete Institiute : Cultural Institute, Turkey

Circus Effect is an initiative established by a strategic partnership of international civic organizations and it is funded by Erasmus+ Program of the European Union.