Her Yerde Sanat & Sirkhane

Sirkhane means circus home.

Her Yerde Sanat Derneği (eng. Art Anywhere Association) is а nonprofit organisation founded in 2012 in Mardin, Turkey, in a region where it’s hard to be a child. Sirkhane is a social circus school established by Her Yerde Sanat that mission is to provide safe, friendly and embracing environment for children, who are effected in conflict areas. Replace their damaged childhood with happiness. To enrich the children’s imagination with colours of social circus pedagogy. We are using social circus pedagogy as a tool to deliver the inspiration that children need to develop a profound personality. We founded Sirkhane Social Circus School in 2014 and it is the first and only circus school in Turkey. All year long we are providing circus, art, dance and music classes and annual circus festivals in Turkey and Northern Iraq.

We can make circus and art anywhere together with children. We use the power of laughter for a heartfelt childhood.