We all have seen it, enjoyed it, felt it and we all know it is so essential, constructive, and meaningful. Yet it is difficult to name it, define it and most of all so difficult for many to argue why it is so extremely important and essential.

It is when music, art, joy and jumping or the clown, the acrobat, the singer and the magician do their amazing works either for performance or workshops. In the context of war this is not just skills, hobbies or entertainment. It is what we call ‘Circus Effect’.


learning circus


internal healing


social progress

It is not the circus itself as none of the skills or arts and activities by themselves are the objectives of our work. These are just by products manifesting themselves as cultural or artistic activities.

Our objective is the effects all these tools together creates in the children and youth of war. The first rays of hope and light;

the moment when a child or youngster has to give up on his or her traumas and start to smile.

Circus Effect is the result of utilizing our social circus pedagogy for strengthening children’s and youths’ own internal healing powers for their personal and social progress.