concept of social circus

Why is social circus so important for children of war?

For many refugee children, school is a safe place where they can learn new things and make friends. It helps them to restore some normalcy in their lives and develop future goals and skills.

How can we help?

Those young minds distorted by hatred and fear need extraordinary support. With the project Circus Effect together we can contribute to a better future for the region and steer millions of children from the despair, hopelessness and darkness which threatens them and their societies.

The following is a list of some of the main principals applied in development of our Social Circus concept to meet the needs of the children and youth of war:

Focus on positivity and possibility rather than problems and limits.

Simultaneous Individual and collective progress and harmonization.

Creation and promotion of achievable and positive social and joyful goals.

Obtaining approval, accreditation and admiration by audience as well as each other, parents, and adults including community leaders.

Making sure children, parents, leaders and authorities understand the value and importance of the children, culture, art and be proud of their children.

Expanding, promoting and teaching others by sharing and the multiplication system.