circus heroes

Circus Heroes – Joy Makers are the young kind human beings who are long-term members of circus family, they are resilient and kind to each other who stick to circus discipline, improve themselves as an artist and trainers in order to mobilize, stabilize and sustain circus activities in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Turkey and Iraq. Within the training of trainers program Circus Heroes not only improve their circus discipline but also their pedagogical approaches by helping others through social circus.

In the Circus Effect project, circus trainers and artists (Circus Heroes) are of extreme importance. Being a social circus trainer and artist takes more than having sufficient circus skills. It needs for the person to be aware of where he/she stands in different social situations so that this awareness and sensitivity transforms into concrete action.

Circus Heroes are the future of Circus Effect, they are future of multiplication, transformation, creativity and artistic expression.

circus heroes practices:

training and learning skills


assisting and teaching other children