Circus Effect is an Innovative platform developed to impact millions of refugees by its social circus pedagogy. Circus Effect utilizes its social circus pedagogy and years of experiences with the children & youth of war to facilitate and provide activities for and with children & youth. In this innovative platform there are information, instructions, tutorials, guidance, and first of all inspirations in how physical arts and social circus pedagogy transforms children and youth of war from victims to leaders. The main motivation behind creating this platform is sharing knowledge and years of accumulated experience to let many more children and youth enjoy the benefit of Circus Effect.

What is the life of children at war?

Conflicts across the Middle East and North Africa are preventing more than 13 million children from attending school, leaving their hopes and futures shattered.

Why is circus so important for them?

For many refugee children, school is a safe place where they can learn new things and make friends. It helps them to restore some normalcy in their lives and develop future goals and skills.

How can we help?

Those young minds distorted by hatred and fear need extraordinary support. With the project Circus Effect together we can contribute to a better future for the region and steer millions of children from the despair, hopelessness and darkness which threatens them and their societies.

Have a look at the circus tutorials created by our joy makers: