If we can’t stop the war, let’s survive it happily everyday with laughter and joy!

There is a general misconception and “misdiagnosis” about the children & youth of war, their social needs and circumstances. Very often the focus is on the nearly unsolvable problems and efforts on using the classical and conventional pedagogies and solutions which would definitely work if there was no war.

Circus Effect’s primary focus is in discovering the personal resources and talents in children & youth of war and strengthening them by different trainings. The participants gain personal skills in different physical arts and together in their groups, develop their social skills and contribute to their communities by conducting workshops and performances.

Joy and hope are the keywords of all the activities, the motivation, the drive, the path and the results for the participants as well as their parents and the audience. The most fundamental element of Circus Effect pedagogy is focusing on the positive and strengthening, utilizing, and expanding it. This approach transforms the children & youth of war from victims and problems to young leaders and solutions of their communities.